Crescent City Psychotherapy & Wellness, LLC

Crescent City Psychotherapy & Wellness, LLC, is a therapeutic collective. As independent practitioners with a shared vision, Averie McCauley, LCSW-BACS, and Natalie Bellott, LCSW, created a healing center in Old Metairie in 2018. Here, continuing education and consultation is provided to mental health and medical professionals and psychoeducational workshops are brought to the community. Stay connected on instagram and facebook for information about events and resources.

Louisiana Trauma Resource Network (TRN)

The Louisiana TRN is a team of EMDR psychotherapists who volunteer to serve the community by providing pro bono EMDR therapy to first responders - EMS, firefighters, law enforcement, and emergency department nurses & doctors - dealing with recent service related trauma. If you are a first responder interested in receiving services or a mental health professional interested in joining the Louisiana TRN, please get in touch.

Louisiana Association of Clinical Social Workers (LACSW)

The Louisiana Association of Clinical Social Workers (LACSW) is a voluntary association of clinical social workers whose mission is to define, represent, promote, and protect clinical social work as a knowledge-based, client-centered profession, which provides quality mental health services to the general public. We employ the services of a professional lobbyist to effectively represent the legal and legislative interests of clinical social workers in Louisiana. Learn more here or connect on facebook.  


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